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No more bad odours in your bathroom and toilet!


All over the world, there are families whose members share a single bathroom or toilet. Very often these bathrooms and toilets do not have a window, which can result in unpleasant odours lingering in the air after use.

The high-tech ASPIDOR toilet seat with integrated odour extraction intercepts bad smells at their source. Aerosol sprays and their risk of environment pollution are now a thing of the past. A high quality activated carbon filter eliminates the bad odours.

ASPIDOR, not only for private homes.
(but also for public places like hotels, restaurants, boarding houses, public toilets).


Your restroom is certainly clean- but we help you to make it odour free!

The members of your family, your guests and staff will feel more comfortable and will be grateful to you.


So ASPIDOR can enhance your image!




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