The ASPIDOR® Company


The innovative ASPIDOR® toilet seat is a worldwide novelty.
Facts that speak for themselves:


  • The ASPIDOR® toilet seat is simple to install.

  • There is a choice between models that can be connected to an electric socket and models with a
    rechargeable battery pack. For the latter, a battery charger and a high quality battery set are included
    in delivery.

  • An optical sensor turns on the powerful, low noise electric fan for filtering the air.

  • A built-in electronic chip controls the fan’s action allowing for a delay of 20 seconds after leaving the
    toilet seat.

  • A silicone seal prevents bad odours from spreading around.

  • The rechargeable battery block lasts for a long time, depending on the number of uses.

  • There is also an optional model with an environmentally friendly perfume dispenser.

  • Another option is a second battery pack, to extend the operational period.

  • Using only little energy, the ASPIDOR® toilet seat neutralises bad odours at their source.

  • No harmful chemical substances are used to eliminate bad odours.

  • The activated carbon filter can be easily exchanged.



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